The National Library has endorsed the National and State Libraries Australasia (NSLA) position statement on requests to take down access to content from our collections.

The NSLA position statement expresses commitment to freedom of expression and universal access to information. It notes that libraries are responding to community expectations for greater access to online collections. It states that NSLA libraries will take down online content or impose other access restrictions only in extraordinary circumstances.

NSLA libraries recognise that there may be occasions when material made available online breaches copyright or other relevant law, or contains information that is culturally sensitive. The position statement sets out principles which will be followed when considering takedown requests.

Read the NSLA Position Statement

Making a takedown request

If you find material in the National Library’s online collections which you believe infringes your rights, or, for example, contravenes privacy law, is defamatory, or in breach of copyright, you may submit a takedown request:

Make a takedown request

If you have any other concerns, please Ask a Librarian.

When you submit your request you will be asked to provide:

  • your contact details
  • full description and details of the material
  • exact and full internet address where you found the material
  • if the request relates to copyright, evidence that you are the rights holder or their agent
  • the reason for your request, for example, copyright, privacy, data protection, obscenity or defamation.

Responding to takedown requests

We will acknowledge your request and make an initial assessment within 7 working days.

We may decide to temporarily remove access until a final decision is reached.

We will make efforts to resolve requests quickly, with the following possible outcomes:

  • Access remains unchanged.
  • Access to the material is modified
  • Material is retained in the collection but online access is removed.

We will communicate our decision and reasons to you.

If circumstances change, access to the material may be restored.