How to order medical information through Loansome Doc?

Loansome Doc is a service which allows you to order articles from the PubMed website and the articles are delivered by the National Library of Australia. The PubMed website is hosted by the US National Library of Medicine (NLM).

How to register

  1. Download and print the National Library of Australia Loansome Doc User Registration Form for Businesses and Individuals, which is available in Word format.
  2. Return the completed to the National Library of Australia Document Supply Service.
  3. We will provide you with a unique identifier called the ordering Library ID, which is required by the NLM’s Loansome Doc Registration.
  4. Go to NLM’s Loansome Doc Registration Page and follow the steps to register with NLM.

How to order

  1. Search PubMed and place your orders which will be sent to us.


    Australia (includes GST)* Outside Australia*
Charge for each article photocopy From National Library of Australia’s collection $16.50 $16.50
From National Library of Medicine or other sources $27.00* $27.00*
Delivery charge Standard Mail No charge No charge
Web delivery / Email (PDF) No charge No charge
Fax No charge No charge
Express Post (within Australia only) $8.30 Not available

* A document may attract a significantly higher fee than the standard fee, either because of its nature or because of copyright. If your request attracts a higher fee, Document Supply Service will seek your acceptance of the price before proceeding with the request.


The National Library of Australia will debit your credit card only for documents supplied. There is no charge if we are unable to supply a document.


Documents supplied from the National Library’s collection – average 5 working days.
Documents obtained from NLM or another source – average 5 working days without guarantee.

We will make reasonable efforts to obtain any requested documents but we cannot guarantee to supply all documents requested. If a document cannot be supplied you will be notified without delay.

Delivery methods

  • Download from our website (PDF)
  • Post


You may request documents under Sec. 49 of the Copyright Act 1968 if the documents are for the purpose of research or study, you agree not to use them for any other purpose and you have not previously been supplied with a copy by the National Library. You will need to sign the copyright declaration on the User Agreement.


Libraries may either order online via Loansome Doc by registering with us or make arrangements for their users to use the Loansome Doc service direct. Please contact us for details.