National Library of Australia

Volume 1, Series 2 (2009)

Table of Contents

Editorial and Introduction

Editorial and Introduction PDF
Philip Payton, Tim Causer

Captivity Articles

Captive Allies: Italian Immigrants in World War One Australia Abstract PDF
Karen Agutter
‘The Same Measure of Justice’: Aboriginal Convicts in the Australian Penal Colonies Abstract PDF
Kristyn Harman
Sweet Traps: Feminist Fantasies of Domestic Confinement on the Cusp of Postcolonial Australia Abstract PDF
Victoria Kuttainen
Prisoners of Opinion: Australians in Asian Captivity, 1942-2005 Abstract PDF
Agnieszka Sobocinska
Van Diemen’s Land Prisoner and Australian Magazine Captive: The Convict Autobiography of John Leonard. Abstract PDF
Ruth Thomas

BASA Prize Winning Essay

Free trade versus protectionism: New South Wales, Victoria, and the tariff debate in Britain, 1881-1900 Abstract PDF
Edmund Rogers

BASA Prize Articles

The Biographer’s Dilemma: What have you done with my life? Abstract PDF
Adrian Hale
Book Publishing in Western Australia: A World Elsewhere Abstract PDF
Per Henningsgaard
Patrick White’s The Vivisector: Memoirs of Many in One – who is Hurtle Duffield? Abstract PDF
Jane Frugtneit
As Others See Us: Representations of Australia in the British Press, 1900-1910 Abstract PDF
Olwen Pryke
Elizabeth Jolley’s The Well: Fathoming Postcolonial Depths in the Female Gothic Abstract PDF
C M Renes
A natural(ised) home for the Lintons: Lost children and indigenising discourse in Mary Grant Bruce’s and John Marsden’s young adult fiction Abstract PDF
Elspeth Tilley

Contributor Biographies

Contributor Biographies Abstract PDF

Notes for Contributors

Notes for Contributors Abstract PDF