Exploring the Earth Under the Sea

Exploring the Earth Under the Sea
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Exploring the Earth Under the Sea
7 December 2017, 6pm-8pm
Conference Room, Level 4

Free (includes refreshments)

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Have you heard about the sunken continent of Zealandia?

Learn what Australian scientists have discovered about Earth's history and dynamics through the International Ocean Discovery Program, a marine research collaboration involving 23 countries. Professor Neville Exon explores how, through drilling and coring technology, scientists have been able to investigate cores of sediment and rock up to 3 km under the seabed, revealing secrets hidden in the earth going back 200 million years.

This program has uncovered important new information on tectonics, climate and ocean change, the history of marine life and geological hazards.

Read our recent Q&A with Professor Exon on our blog.

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