Friends work together to encourage public and private support for the Library and its great collections and resources.

A committee of 16 members advise the Friends of the Library. The committee members range in background and experience and are all members of the Friends.

The committee is elected at the Annual General Meeting held by 30 November each year. Nominations are called for at least a month in advance. For more information, please refer to the Friend's corporate documents.

The 2018 Friends Committee are:

Gary Kent (Chair)
Janice Taylor (Deputy Chair)
Jennefer Nicholson (Treasurer)
Ingrid Moses (Newsletter Editor)
Lyn Adams
Anne Davis
Jennifer Evans
Susan Ford
Richard Reid
Ros Welch
Marie-Louise Ayres (Director-General, NLA)
Cathy Pilgrim (NLA representative)
Kathryn Favelle (NLA representative)
Melanie Olde(Executive Officer)